FREE Introductory Classes


Our FREE introductory classes are held at our training center on the first  SATURDAY of every month at 12 noon.

Simply turn up wearing something comfortable to move in such as sweat pants or BDU’s, trainers and a t-shirt and we’ll do the rest.

The class will run between an hour and a half to two hours and you’ll get an idea of what it is we do.  That’s when we’ll answer all the questions you may have regarding costs, time to progress, training around injuries etc.

If, after doing the intro class, you’d like to join our group we’ll have paper work on hand and you can start full classes the very next Monday.

We’ve found this to be a better system than having people come in during the week on an ad hoc basis which disrupts the class trying to explain everything to a beginner they need to know.  The other big advantage to you, the new student, is you join as a group rather than being the odd man out trying to play catch up.

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