Did you know over 70% of middle and high school kids in the US deal with bullying every day?

Did you know that bullying at school often leads to suicide and depression in adults?

Did you also know that a recent study shows that most school’s anti bullying programs actually make bullying worse!

At Warriors Krav Maga of Lake Norman we’re pleased to announce that we’re adding our unique STOP THE BULLY program for 11 to 18 year olds  which will run two days per week at our Huntersville facility on Monday and Wednesdays from 6pm until 7pm.  Your child will learn the techniques of Krav Maga as well as how to carry themselves so that they’re no longer victimized and, unlike anyone else on the planet, we guarantee our training.

If your child is still being bullied after 12 months of our training we’ll refund you your entire tuition!

STOP.  Our program is not for everyone.  We will teach your child to fight back if necessary and defend themselves which is an approach that actually works, unlike pink shirts, group hugs, singing Kumbaya, and puppet shows.  That’s right.  A recent study showed that school programs that utilize such measures actually have more bullying going on than schools that don’t.

bullied-girlOf course we understand that some parents are uncomfortable with that approach because they feel they’ve failed their child.  We get it, and we also understand that if that’s the case, we’re probably not a good fit.  We also know that there are parents who, like some leading psychologists, believe that there is a place for fighting back and that it not only stops the bullying in its tracks but it also helps with the child’s self-esteem. If that’s you shoot us an email and let’s talk.


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