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I am a Police Officer and Warriors Krav Maga has taught me very practical and effective techniques for handcuffing and restraining combative suspects.  The training has also saved me from potential deadly force situations because I was trained to recognize signs of a pre-attack or an armed suspect.  Nick Hughes is as good as it gets and I  highly recommend taking and learning from his training.
Scott M

“I’m a mother of three young girls and have a husband who travels. I have done martial arts, boxing and fitness training elsewhere, but LKN Krav Maga blends all of these and so much more. I am learning skills and gaining confidence that should the occasion arise, I can protect my family. And I am teaching my daughters to protect themselves!”
Jenn C

Nick not only has the skills and training of a warrior with all that goes with being steeled by years of combat. He has the mental genius to translate those skills into a message that anyone can understand. He is in fact the consummate warrior.
Bill S.

I recently started learning Krav Maga at Krav Maga LKN and I am addicted.  I will keep training as long as my body holds out.  As a member of the Emergency Services being able to take care of myself is critical and I am learning those skills here without any bs.
Amanda R

As a Senior Vice President of security for a Fortune 500 company it’s necessary for me to be able to take care of myself.  After a lot of careful research I ended up at Warriors Krav Maga in Lake Norman.  What impressed me most is we don’t only study physical methods to defend ourselves but we also cover avoidance and awareness and are made well aware of the legal ramifications of engaging in violence.
Perry S.

I’ve studied both Tae Kwan Do and Krav Maga when I lived in Florida but Warriors Krav Maga is world’s apart.  Not only are we practicing fighting techniques but we also cover how to defuse situations, recognize how criminals choose victims, and train in situational awareness.  Self defense is way more than just fighting someone and Nick’s real world experience is what sets his training apart from everyone else.
Kevin M

This is a no BS Class!

You either want it or you don’t.  This class has helped me become more much more confident in dealing with people and unknown conditions.

Nick has many talents from his years in the trenches, real world experience that he can call on to teach us the best way to deal with adverse situations.  I have found out he is not like a lot of other so called instructors who only teach theory.  I am 57 year old male with total hip replacement so if I can do this, anyone can.

For the price of a Starbuck’s coffee a day, you can afford this class. Can you afford not too?
Tom N

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