Why Krav Maga?

Get Fit, Have Fun, Learn Self Defense

Two main reasons:

  1. You can join a gym and get fit, jog, swim, play tennis or a multitude of other activities designed to get you in shape. The problem with them is that is all you get out of the training i.e. in good shape. With Krav Maga training however, not only will you get in incredible shape, but you’ll also learn to defend yourself should you ever become the victim of a violent assault, car-jacking or home invasion.
  2. Traditional martial arts can provide the same benefits as listed above i.e. you get in shape while learning to defend yourself but they take too long to do this. Very few people have five years to master a system before they reach a point where what they’ve been learning will work.

Of course some of you will wonder about MMA training as that’s not traditional. Look, we love and respect our brothers who train MMA…it’s tough, no ifs ands or buts. However, even they will tell you, it’s a sport. They don’t train to deal with someone armed with a knife. They don’t train to fight more than one person at a time. They don’t study criminal attack patterns and learn things like the pre-fight indicators that will let you know when you’re about to be attacked. They don’t study soft skills such as those used by professional body guards to be aware of and avoid attacks.

In Krav Maga LKN you will learn all of those and more.

So, here are some the questions you need to ask…

  • Does it make more sense to get in shape, or get in shape and learn to defend yourself at the same time?
  • Does it make any sense to do the above in a system that will take five years to accomplish what we do in less than one?
  • Does it make any sense to train in a sporting system that doesn’t teach you to deal with real world violence?

Answer those questions honestly and you’ll come to the same conclusion we did and that is there is no better way to get in shape and learn to defend yourself.

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