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Classes at KM Lake Norman are led by Nick Hughes CPP. Nick is a former commando with the French Foreign Legion who worked extensively throughout the world as a body guard. His clients have included members of the Saudi Royal Family, VIPs, celebrities, rock stars and executives.Nick in Africa

Nick holds black belts in 3 styles of karate, as well as Judo, Ju-jutsu and Aikido. He also holds rank in Filipino martial arts, has boxed professionally and has taught unarmed combat to various military units as well as dignitary protection to SWAT units.

He speaks professionally to various groups on the subject of self protection and conducts seminars around the country as well as having an expert Q&A section on Europe’s leading self protection forum.

He has been published in Europe’s leading traditional martial arts magazine as well as for various publications here in the States.

He is author of the critically acclaimed “How To Be Your Own Bodyguard” and has just finished filming an instructional series of DVDs for Paladin Press.

Most recently he has just finished filming Season III of Spike TV’s “Deadliest Warrior” where he goes up against the legendary Nepalese Gurkhas as a Foreign Legionnaire.


Assistant Instructor Everett

Assistant Instructor Everett

Everett is currently undertaking the Instructor Development Program and can be found in the school almost every day there’s a class.  He’s always willing to help everyone get better which is what a good teacher is all about.

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